Monday, October 8, 2012

In her book Rooted in Love Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle, bestselling author and popular EWTN television and radio personality, accompanies Catholic women through the ups and downs of their lives, encouraging them to be reflections of Christ in all things.

With warmth and candor, Cooper O’Boyle demonstrates why she is so beloved by her readers, viewers, and listeners. Through sometimes-unexpected stories from her own journey, she shows that being a faith-filled Catholic woman does not mean being perfect. Rather, in the midst of parenting difficulties, marital problems, economic hardships, and sickness—among other challenges—one finds strength in Christ and in the wisdom and community of the Church. She highlights how the sacraments, the virtues, prayer, Mary and the saints, the works of mercy, and various devotions and practices all offer women grace and guidance for their lives.
 My Thoughts:
  So many times authors of non-fiction books come across as unreal and therefore I zone out on what could be useful advice BUT Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle is a real woman. She is not afraid to talk of her failings in life and therefore her writing is much more approachable.    

 Rooted in Love is divided into ten chapters making it a great book for women's study groups. Each chapter ends with three groups of question about knowing, loving and serving God and then ends with a prayer of seeking Him. I plan to reread this book more slowly and prayerfully so I can glean more from Donna-Marie's wisdom.

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