Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Worthwhile Use of Time!

A Worthwhile Use of Time!

When "Rooted in Love" came onto my path, I'd recently made the difficult decision to leave a well-fitting office job to work at home to better provide needed flexibility for my children. Donna-Marie's book became a warm hug during this transition, welcoming me back to the hearth and offering rich food for thought in determining my future course. I especially appreciate the many personal stories Donna-Marie includes, from a tenuous airplane flight that provided an opportunity to share her faith with a frightened passenger, to other ordinary moments that turned extraordinary from just a kind word or a smile. Donna-Marie is a welcomed reminder in this despairing world of the power women behold when we embrace our vocation of nurturing others and, thereby, present the face of Christ. I am so grateful for this treasure of a book, and to Donna-Marie for taking pen to paper and opening her soul for our benefit.

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God bless!

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